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Kishi, Saeri

7. Aug 2017 - 29. Sept 2017 (8 weeks)

Comprehensive course




Hallo everyone

Thank you for coming my speech


I stayed in eng for 2months.

It's my second time in eng, but there were some difficult things.

I didn't use English while going back to Japan.

So, when I came back here, I forgot how to speak in English a little.

That's why, sometimes I felt it was difficult to use English.

But, I remembered how to speak or write English day by day.

My English skill is still beginner, but teachers always encouraged me so I can continue studying or using English.


Tomorrow, I'm going to go back to Japan.

And later, I will go around the world.

So I need to continue to study English.

I'm not sure, but I hope I can come back here.

Because I feel Davao and eng are my second home.


Teachers , thank  you for teaching for 2months.

And also thank you for teachers and students kindness.

I really enjoyed this stay because of teachers and students.

I will miss all of them.


Thank you so much and see you again!


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