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Comprehensive & English + Internship
1. Comprehensive course: 24 weeks (Feb. 29 ~ Aug. 12, 2016) 
2 .English + Internship course: 12 weeks (Aug. 15 ~ Nov. 14, 2016)


I spent the first 24 weeks on taking "Comprehensive course" and now I've been taking "English + Internship" for about 12 weeks now. Yes, I have been with E&G for almost 8 months! Most of students here who come to study English, they stay here only for the short periods of time, like 4 to 8 weeks and people here say that I'm a very unusual case. As an "unusual case", I want to write about a few tips to share with you.

When it comes to the improvement in my English skills, I am a totally different person now. I hope my teachers can attest to this. Even without their words, I could confidently say I've made much progress in my English. I can ask more easily and I can answer more readily now. I have spent more than 8 hours per day for the past 8 months and I am proud that I have never been absent from any of my classes for this period. It's obvious, but I've been quite serious about studying English and tried my best. I have many goals to achieve in the near future and I'm sure my English skills now can support in fulfilling the goals. I want to say, "think about the reasons to study before you study". It will definitely help you focus only on the study. I think it isn't always enough about learning and you have to make a lot of effort in every moment. If you do, You can learn a lot and make the most of the learning.

Of course, most credit goes to E&G! I find this School good. I cannot say "E&G is the best school” because I've never experienced other language schools to compare with. But it’s still good. If not, how come I extended by 12 weeks more after I had completed the first 24 week ESL course. Teachers are kind and classes are good and well-organized. Dormitory and the food are satisfactory. For me, E&G is the school where I can fully focus on my studies.

The rule is not so strict, but it doesn't necessarily mean students are allowed to do anything as they please. Some students got grounded in the weekends for the unexcused absences and curfew violations on and off.

When I started my internship at the Waterfront hotel, I was very excited that I was allowed to have my on-the-job training at the finance office because I had studied mathematics in my university in Japan before I came here. I heard that other interns usually have their training at other departments like Reception desk, Restaurants and Housekeeping. Luckily, I can practice my English skills and learn more business knowledge about finance at the same time.

Aside from that, I am also excited to be "working" with foreign people. I was a bit nervous since it was my first time to work and to be with foreigners, but they are as kind as my teachers and have helped me learn and do the many different tasks in the office. Some tasks were easy, and some other were challenging. My co-workers always helped me every time I asked them. We could sometimes hang out together to enjoy the city.


I love Davao city! This city is calm and restful. Regulations are tight which makes this city safer. Things are not so expensive and taxi fare is cheap and I also like to take "Jeepney" which is the public transportation here in the Philippines. Obviously, this country ”the Philippines” is not your home country. So, you have to adjust to life styles here in Davao and the school system in E&G . If you can , You can enjoy your study and stay 100% and have wonderful time here.



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