New Laundry service system!

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E&G introduces New Laundry service system on Feb. 08.

"E&G International Language Center" and "LAUNDRY WORLD" have recently made an agreement that E&G  will outsource its in-house laundry work to  "LAUNDRY WORLD" which is one of the best launder service providers in the Philippines, and which already provide quality laundry service to big hotel franchises, hospitals,  spa, salons and many other local businesses.





With the help of "LAUNDRY WORLD",
E&G can now guarantee its students the laundry service of better quality.
One more good thing is that students can avail of  this laundry service everyday (even on Sundays) and their well washed, dried and folded laundry items will be returned to them clean only in 1 day and this service is still for free including pick-up and delivery. 

Students should only pay "LAUNDRY WORLD" personally only for the particular laundry items (i.e. bags, belt, shoes, cap/hat and others) which need to be charged at different rates and for the general laundry items in excessive of the certain kilos stated in their own laundry vouchers.
(If a student studies in E&G for 8 weeks, 40 kg (5 Kg * a total number of weeks) will initially be given to the student and the amount used will be deducted from the initial 40 Kg.)

This new laundry system will be launched as of Feb. 08, 2016, Monday, but this doesn't mean E&G will no longer take care of students' laundry. Those who are currently studying and will study after the launch date can have the option to choose whether to leave their laundry to "LAUNDRY WORLD" or still to E&G, while all new students who are scheduled to start their courses after the launch date should follow the new laundry system.

E&G always exerts every effort to provide its students with better educational and living environment. 


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